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Nobody Compares

Chapter Four - A Fool’s Paradise. 

this chapter is completely written by Khloe.

*Harry POV*

"I forgot!" Zayn put his hands in the air, pretending to fend off Lou and her angry face.

"I told you not to experiment with the hair dye! How am I going to explain to Paul your sudden red stripe?!” Lou crossed her arms and narrow her eyes. I watched from my position on the couch, enjoying every minute of it.

"It’s not permanent. The instructions said that it would come out after a couple washes," Zayn fumbled with another excuse just as Louis came into the room.

"Maaaan, what happened to you?” Louis smirked. “I left him sober last night.” he added, turning to Lou.

"Don’t even start," Lou put up her right hand, turned around, and disappeared down the hall.

"Nice going," Louis said once he knew Lou was out of sight. "I thought I told you to wait until we get back from Australia! Lou wouldn’t be so pissed."

"I know, but I drank a little too much and it sounded like a good idea at the moment." Zayn shrugged, while Louis turned his attention to me.

"What happened to you? Last I saw you were with a brunette who was getting very touchy…" Louis winked, and sat down on the arm of the couch. I flash backed to last night, letting myself remember the introduction of the brunette and I. 

"I’m Harry," I smiled, reaching out my hand to her. She was very fit. The typical model body; tall, dark hair, and dark eyes. She was the complete opposite from Alana. Something I need right now. 

"I’m Kendall." She smiled back, tucking a piece of hair behind her ear. "It’s nice to meet you."

"I left her at the club," I told him. Louis rolled in eyes at me showing his annoyance. I haven’t been very active in the dating world for a year and Louis’ getting irritated. He lives vicariously through me since he’s with Eleanor.

"Harry, c’mon mate! You need to get back out there. Why don’t you call her? That girl..what was her name?" Louis turned to Zayn, waiting for him to come up with it.

"It started with a K, I think?" Zayn replied, joining in.

"Kendall! Yeah! I can get Paul to contact her manager to set you two up tonight," Louis smirked.

"No," I glared at him. "I’m not going on a date with her. Do you know what kind of publicity that would bring?!"

"Exactly," Louis nodded. "Think about it, Alana doesn’t want anything to do with you, but you know that she loves you. Love doesn’t just disappear. If Alana sees you with Kendall -especially around Melbourne- she’s going to get jealous. She’s a typical bird." I thought about what Louis was saying. It could work, but what if the plan just backfired?

"I don’t know, Lou." I hesitated. "Lani doesn’t seem like the type of girl to get jealous."

"Harry, you need to trust me. All girls get jealous.”

*Alana POV*

"Are you sure about this?" I asked Eleanor, looking at her reflection in the mirror. She smiled back at me, dimples showing. 

"Yes! I want Louis to be surprised!" Eleanor answered. "Call him!" I shook my head, but did what she asked. Eleanor had got the grand idea for me to call Louis and give him directions to a local restaurant where Eleanor had reservations for the two of them to have a lovely dinner together.

The phone rang four times before a familiar voice answered, “Hello?” Except it wasn’t the person whom I dialed. It was the person who I have been trying to avoid for over a year. I paused.

My mind couldn’t comprehend what was happening long enough to form the words that were written on the pad of paper on my lap.

"Eleanor, is that you? Louis left his phone in the lounge." Harry blabbered on. "I can bring it to him if you would like…Eleanor?"

"Harry," my voice was weak and non legible, but he recognized it immediately and went silent. A few seconds passed and he breathed my name.

"Alana, is that you?" Harry asked. I wanted to nod, but I knew that he couldn’t understand that through a mobile.

"Tell Louis that El needs him to meet her at Rufaro’s Restaurant at seven. He can Google the instructions on how to get there," I rushed trying to get everything out before I lost it. Everything that I’d been building up to keep him out, fell down.

Eleanor turned around facing me instead of the mirror with a worried face. Who is that? she mouthed.

Harry I replied. 

She reached out her hand to take the phone from me. I pulled it away from my ear and handed it to her without a second thought. Eleanor finished the conversation as I sat on my bed dazed. What have I done?! I thought to myselfI knew that one day -hopefully not ever- I would probably run into Harry again or talk to him, but I thought it would be in five years when I would be completely over everything that happened in London.  

Eleanor sat the phone down on the table and sat on the bed beside me. She didn’t say a word except rubbing circles into my back. I wanted to cry, for what reason, I don’t know. I should be over it but it still hurts.

"What did he say?" I whispered.

"He wanted to know why you handed the phone over," Eleanor sighed. "He wanted to talk to you about some things. He didn’t tell me what about."

*Harry POV*

I walked out to the tennis court where Louis and Liam were playing around. Liam noticed me first and waved while Louis continued to hit the ball and smacked Liam in the chest with it.

"Louis, really mate?" Liam bent over rubbing his chest where the ball hit.

"You should’ve been paying attention," Louis laughed.

"Hey Louis, Eleanor called. She wants you to meet her at seven at some restaurant, mind if I tag along?" I asked. Louis gave me an inquisitive look.


"I thought it would be a good idea to make it a double date with Kendall and I." I answered, smiling. The short conversation with Alana made me know even more that I have to be with her. If dating Kendall to make her notice me is the only way, then I’m going to do it. No matter what, she’s going to give me another chance.


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